Procedure lier

OPGEPAST vanaf 16 december 2018 zal de lier gebruikt worden door de vliegclub "De Wouw.

Lees aandachtig de volgende procedure:


~Special procedures in use at EBTN during glider winch launching

Departing (motorised) aircraft
Whenever an aircraft enters the runway for departure, winching procedures will be stopped until that aircraft has left the winching zone.
Landing (motorised) aircraft
Whenever an aircraft approaches the winching zone, winching procedures will be stopped until that aircraft has landed and has left the runway.
Overflying traffic
Recommended height to overfly the aerodrome during winching activities is 2000ft AGL.
Taxi procedures
Alternate taxi procedures will be used when runway 06 or 24 are in use. Orange cones will indicate the closed areas. Aircraft taxiing from or

to the ULM Goetsenhoven apron shall use the taxiways at the beginning and the end of the runway. Vacating via the runway intersection is

not allowed. Be careful when approaching the holding point or when vacating the runway at the end. Cables and parachutes may still be on

the taxiway. Vacate the runway at very low speed.
Cable pull-out
The cable pull-out will be performed at low speed along the edge of the runway. The cable car is equipped with an orange flashing light.
All airfield operators will be using the Goetsenhoven Radio frequency (125.375 MHz)

All vehicles used for cable pull-out and glider retrieval will be in contact with the winch driver and flight director through walkie-talkies.
Communications between flight director and winch driver will occur through walkie-talkie.
When issuing landing information on the Goetsenhoven Radio frequency (125,375 MHz), the following phrase will be used to indicate

winch launching procedures are in progress: “Watch out for glider winch launching activity”
Before starting a launch, the flight director will make the following general announcement on the frequency: “Glider winch tow in progress”
When the launch is completed, the following announcement is made: “Cable on ground, winch launch completed”
The (orange) flashing light on the winch will be operated whenever the winch engine is running (from the start of the winch launch until the

cable is on the ground and fully retracted).


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